the limestone massif of Monte Albo covers approximately 8,800 hectares along the diretrice NE-SW, with a crest line of about 13 km, and is included in the territory of Siniscola, Lula,Lodè, Irgoli, Loculi and Galtelli.
It 'a biotype of considerable botanical importance fauna and Site of Community Interest (SCI). The most high peaks are Punta Caterina and Punta Turuddò (h.1127), while in the north-east of Punta Cupetti (h. 1029) dominates the town of Siniscola.

The landscape is characterized by its typical karst erosion, Caon cliffs, ravines, fields, dolines, caves and chasms, where the white limestone alternating with spaces of the Mediterranean maquis.
The ridges are the main characteristic plateau area (Sas Enas) that were formerly cultivated or exploited for grazing, as the remains of ancient folds.
Today, the plains are covered with scrubland is santolina karst and helichrysum and pastures for mouflon and wild boar. The flora of the Monte Albo is characterized by the presence of some endemic to by strips of primary forests of holm oak (Quercus ilex), which, until the recent past covered much of the mountainous relief. Dominates the stain with heather, strawberry, maple less and juniper . Among the fauna stands out the presence of mouflon and marten. Peaks nesting golden eagles and goshawks. Deserves a mention getritone of Monte Albo endemic amphibian that lives in caves.


the territory of Siniscola is rich in sources of fresh and clear water. Starting from the suburb of Siniscola along the road that leads to Sant'anna - Lula meets the sources de Sa Dicchita, Su Cantaru, Grassianu, Su Lidone, Su Lidone e susu.

Along the way Sant' Anna- Lula  meet  sources know Sa Mela, Talisi, Mariane&jana.

They are ideal places to make stops and enjoy the fresh air and fragrant of Sardinia. The sources are equipped with granite tables under the shade of oak trees



The surrounding La Locanda Del Mare offers many itineraries from the sea to the mountains, below it describe some

  Trekking along the coast

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Trekking in the mountains

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